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Ginger & Chocolate

Feb 25, 2021

Lindsay and Mike get deep. We talk mental health, red vines, eating disorders, and how to find a positive body image. It's not what you expect, so buckle up, kiddos, and enjoy the episode.


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Feb 18, 2021

In this episode we catch up with Janet Renner, who originally appeared on episode 7, to talk about how we can improve our swim even if we can't get in the pool. Janet schools us on how to slow down, work on technique, and strengthen our core so we can hit the pool with better form through some effective dryland...

Feb 11, 2021

This week we speak with Kyle Powers, who struggled with addiction and his weight. Listen as he tells us about when he said "enough is enough" and turned it all around. Find out more about Kyle through:



Feb 6, 2021

Kim Freitas joins Lindsay and Mike to talk about her endurance racing journey that includes triathlon and long-distance cycling events with the Randonneurs. She has completed, organized, and led countless self-supported events and group outings that help people fall deeper in love with the sport. 

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